Hedge Work

Hedges offer structure and boundaries to any commercial property or garden. Maintenance, pruning and planting vary depending on hedge type and season.

Evergreens such as ‘Prunus Laurocerasus’ or ‘Cherry Laurel’ as it is most commonly known requires pruning twice throughout its growing season whereas ‘Llex Aquifolium’ or ‘Holly’ would ideally require one trim a year towards the end of the summer months.

We use a high quality range of equipment from petrol powered Stihl hedge cutters to the simpler hand shears, all of which are kept sharp for the best finish and inspected for safety regularly.

By selecting the correct tools for the type of hedge and desired effect we ensure a professional look is achieved and a strong healthy hedge is left.

All waste can be removed.

There is no hedge too big or too small, cut lowered or removed, from the tallest conifers to the smallest box hedge.

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