A patio can be an ornamental feature as well as a functional one. Providing an area to entertain family or friends or to just enjoy the late summer nights.

Patios come in a variety of designs that can create a new dimension to your garden, by adding lighting and shapes creates a personal touch.

You can choose from a range of materials such as concrete, brick/ block paving and stone. The majority of our customers have chosen stone flags which come in a wide range of styles and textures, Indian stone is our most popular.

Which ever style and design you choose the ground preparation (foundation) is relatively the same. Foundation depth depends on the weight bearing load.

A traditional garden patio created with stone flags supporting foot traffic requires:

  • minimum depth of 50mm M.O.T (crush and run) followed by a 20mm full mortar bed. (grit sand*, cement, water)

For a block paving drive bearing the weight or a car or van requires:

  • minimum 100mm M.O.T (crush and run)

Pointing up (filling in the gaps between the stone flags) –

We prefer to use a resin based pointing compound (Geofix)  however sand and cement is another option.

* grit sand is a recycled building material that is the more cost effective alternative to sharp sand.